common information about fridges


Water Filters should be replaced every 6 months to a year- You can call us with your model and serial number and we would be happy to order you a replacement filter.

Fridge condensers should be cleaned and freed of all dust and debris annually so that the system can dissipate heat through the condenser. This is important for the longevity of your refrigerator and essential for its ability to cool properly. Ask us about our condenser cleaning service.

Common information about dishwashers


We recommend that you use a good brand name soap and rinse agent. 

Common information about washing machines


We recommend using Persil detergent in all front load appliances and ask us about purchasing this product. Originally designed for european front loads it works very well in our local soft water areas. 

common information about dryers


Every 5 years we recommend having your dryer dismantled to be cleaned of all lint to prevent dryer fires. It’s becoming more common as the industry has been shifting towards condensing and heat pump dryers. We have been finding the lint build up is causing failures. Please contact us for regular maintenance of these systems.

common information about ovens


A common issue we hear about is that ovens are not accurate. We recommend a 25 – 30 min preheat. Even if your oven says it is at temperature, we recommend that you let it preheat for the full 25 minutes.  This is to ensure that the oven metal liner gets hot so when the door is opened you don’t lose 200 degrees. Your oven is built with a thermocouple which only tells you the air temperature. It is also important to remember not to use the self-clean function before holidays in case your oven overheats, causing it to break down due to the high temperature or part failures.  We are able to calibrate most ovens and can help show you how to best operate your oven.

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